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Wheels are an extremely important component of any performance automobile.  Not only are your wheels an aesthetic statement, but they also dictate the size of the tire you can fit on your vehicle. Additionally, reducing the weight of your wheels can improve acceleration, braking, and handling.  With a quality wheel in the right size and fitment, the performance of your vehicle can be drastically improved.

Aftermarket wheels are often one of the first purchases made when modifying a vehicle.  The addition of a quality wheel can confer a number of benefits to your vehicle.  Most obvious, they can look better than a stock wheel and they serve to differentiate your vehicle from the drones of others like it.  A quality wheel coupled with some choice suspension modifications can take a drab stock vehicle and make it look simply stunning.  The style of wheel you choose is generally a matter of personal preference, but the proper fitment of the wheel is less subjective.  Determining the proper fitment of a wheel on your vehicle is a matter of determining the right width and offset.  Offset can be a difficult concept for some to understand.  In short, it is the distance between the hub-mounting surface and the centerline of the wheel (backspacing – centerline = offset).  We encourage customers to contact us for discussions regarding wheel fitment on their vehicle.

Beyond the visual look of your vehicle, aftermarket wheels provide a number of other benefits.  One important benefit of an aftermarket wheel is the ability to run wider and lower profile tires.  Most stock wheels and tires are both narrow and heavy.  A quality aftermarket wheel can allow your vehicle to accommodate much larger tires – and a larger tire means more traction for your vehicle.  This all adds up to improved handling, braking, and accelerating.  Despite being wider than your vehicle’s stock wheels aftermarket wheels are usually lighter in weight.  Reducing the weight of your wheels equates to a reduction in what is called “unsprung mass.”  Unsprung mass is the weight of the components on your vehicle not supported by the suspension.  Wheels and brakes are significant components that are unsprung.  Reducing unsprung weight allows your vehicle’s suspension to better provide grip and traction over inherently unsmooth pavement.  In this way, reducing the weight of wheels is yet another way that your vehicle can benefit from an aftermarket wheel.

Additional accessories to compliment your wheel purchase include lug nuts, wheel studs, spacers, and tires.  Nearly all aftermarket wheels will require aftermarket tapered seat lug nuts.  You may choose to use a wheel spacer to clear large brake calipers or to set the wheel flush with the fender.  Wheel studs may be needed with some spacers or they may be used on high-horsepower drag vehicles.  For any assistance in optimizing your wheel setup, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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