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Reasons for modifying the suspension of a vehicle are varied.  Some are looking for a dual-purpose setup that can be adjusted for both their daily commute and a spirited back road jaunt.  Others are looking for the optimal setup to break records at the track.  Still others are simply looking for that low stance to compliment their vehicle’s body lines and wheels.  Whatever your motivation, we can help determine a suitable choice for you.

The first step toward improving your vehicle’s handling is to get a baseline.  In order to make the best choices regarding changes to your vehicle’s suspension, it is important to define the exact deficiency you are trying to overcome.  It may be harshness over uneven surfaces, poor traction, uneven tire wear, or it may be a general balance issue such as the tendency toward understeer common in many production vehicles.  Regardless, once you have diagnosed the exact deficiency you are trying to address it will be much easier to remedy.

The second step after getting a baseline is to check your alignment.  Simple handling deficiencies can often be remedied with an alignment at a fraction of the cost of aftermarket solutions.  It is not uncommon for people to rush to the aftermarket for support before checking their alignment.  Have your alignment checked before spending money on aftermarket products that may not be necessary.  Alignment adjustments can affect tire wear, steering feel, high-speed stability, turn-in characteristics, and the overall handling balance of your vehicle.

Once you have your alignment squared away, where to go from there depends largely on your personal objectives and budget.  For those on a tighter budget, sway bars and braces are a common upgrade to adjust a vehicle’s handling performance.  For those planning a more significant suspension overhaul, shocks and springs are a common purchase.  Those seeking for the ultimate on-track performance will typically require a variety of suspension components carefully chosen to work in harmony.  Whether you are seeking to improve the suspension of your daily commuter, looking to optimize your vehicle to break track records, or maybe a little bit of both, we have the street and track experience to help you make an educated decision.

For a more in-depth analysis of suspension tuning please visit our tech section.

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