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The interior of your vehicle is extremely important for both safety and performance.  You can’t extract the maximum performance from your vehicle if you don’t feel comfortable with the controls.  More importantly, as you increase the performance of your vehicle, it is wise to also outfit yourself and your car with better safety equipment.  The simple truth is that pushing a vehicle and its driver to their limits can be dangerous, and we take the safety of our drivers and customers very serious.

Your performance vehicle should be comfortable.  Many interior upgrades are directed at improving a driver’s comfort with their vehicle.  Perhaps the most common upgrade is a shift knob.  The height, weight, shape, and material of a shift knob can all lend themselves to the comfort of the driver.  Additionally, when the driver is comfortable with the feel of their shifter they can make quicker shifts and reduce the possibility of miss-shifting.  Other popular upgrades for vehicle interiors include seats, steering wheels, and harness belts.

For racing, the rules and regulations of the sanctioning body will dictate the interior modifications necessary to compete.  For casual track driving, it is typically up to the vehicle owner to determine the level of interior and safety modifications performed to the vehicle.  If your vehicle is your daily source of transportation you will probably want to maintain as much of the factory restraint system as possible.  A shift knob upgrade or even a seat may be nice upgrades to make your vehicle more comfortable as you discover its limits.  For those more serious about motorsports additional upgrades may be necessary – Especially for those competing in Time Trials or Time Attack events.

Track driving, especially in a competitive venue, means that both car and driver will be routinely approaching (sometimes exceeding) their limits.  A quality bucket seat and harness are recommended for these purposes along with proper driving gear.  Head and neck protection is strongly recommended as well.  The SFI Foundation administers and regulates standards for the manufacturing of performance automotive and racing equipment.  To ensure the integrity of the products you choose to protect you, be sure to look for the SFI certification logo on any safety equipment you consider purchasing.   Proper installation is necessary to ensure that the safety products you choose are able to function as they were intended.  It may be necessary to make other modifications in order to properly install some safety equipment in your vehicle.  It is strongly recommended that safety items be installed by a qualified professional, if you are not local to us.

We’ve found that increasing the safety equipment in a vehicle gives a driver the peace of mind to push the car and themselves to new limits.  This is not to suggest that the addition of safety equipment is a justification for reckless driving, but rather to suggest that confidence in your preparation is always beneficial to your performance.  The more comfortable and confident you are in your vehicle the more consistently you’ll be able to extract the most from yourself and your vehicle.

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