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The exterior of a vehicle can be modified for a number of reasons.  Those looking for the maximum performance from their vehicles recognize that aerodynamics play an important role in the way a car accelerates, brakes, and handles.  Others are simply looking for a way to differentiate their personal vehicle from the drones of others like it.  Whether there is something you dislike about the factory exterior or you are simply interested in making your car stand out in a crowd there is something in the aftermarket to help you meet your goals.

Popular exterior modifications include hoods, trunks, spoilers, wings, fenders, bumpers, lip spoilers, splitters and mirrors.  Often these products are made from lightweight materials such as carbon-fiber.  Not only do these products add a unique style to your vehicle, but they also convey performance benefits from their lightweight and functional designs.  A lot of exterior modifications are aimed at aerodynamic improvements – either by reducing drag or creating downforce.  Still others are aimed at improving vehicle and driver efficiency by helping to cool the engine bay or giving the driver a better field of vision.  Whatever your goals for your vehicle, the staff at Injected Performance can help you outfit the exterior of your vehicle with the equipment you need to take on the street, show, or track.

Hoods and trunks made from carbon-fiber or other lightweight materials are a popular upgrade.  Not only does carbon-fiber have an attractive finish, it is typically lighter weight than the factory materials.  Aftermarket hoods are sometimes vented which can aid cooling and aerodynamics.  Wings and spoilers are another popular group of exterior upgrades.  Wings are typically reserved for race cars while spoilers add an attractive and functional appearance to street cars.  Some spoilers are also available in carbon-fiber for a lightweight race look.  Aftermarket fenders can be added to most production vehicles to give extra clearance for wide or aggressive wheel and tire fitments.  With the right fenders, almost any wheel fitment can be made possible.  The ability to place wider tires on a vehicle can substantially increase a vehicle’s cornering and traction abilities in addition to providing a much sought after aggressive look.  Aftermarket bumpers are another addition available for most vehicles.  Some bumpers are designed to enhance the aerodynamic performance of a vehicle while others are designed to function as a stylish addition to your vehicle.  Lastly, aftermarket mirrors can compliment your vehicle’s exterior while also increasing driver visibility.  Most aftermarket mirrors feature convex glass that allows the driver to view a much broader area even with a relatively small mirror.  Some mirrors feature a tinted glass that can reduce glare from headlights and other glaring obstructions.  Whether it be for style or function, we are always happy to share our suggestions for exterior modifications.

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There are no products matching the selection.


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