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The stock exhaust is often one of the first vehicle components exchanged for a performance alternative.  Performance exhaust systems are a very popular upgrade because they provide a number of benefits over the factory exhaust – Increased horsepower, more attractive appearance, and a more aggressive tone.  Additionally, performance exhaust systems are usually lighter weight than the factory components they replace.  All these benefits coupled together make an aftermarket exhaust a natural choice for those looking to extract the most performance from their vehicle.

Exhaust upgrades should be made with careful consideration given to any current or planned engine modifications: a vehicle’s exhaust should complement its engine.  The exhaust size and design best for your engine will vary depending on your plans for the vehicle.  Furthermore, your vehicle’s exhaust should reflect your purpose for your vehicle.  A straight-pipe exhaust for a race car would not be suitable for most street applications; though it may sound like an attractive proposition to some!

Many will elect to just upgrade the portion of their exhaust rearward of their catalytic converter.  This type of exhaust upgrade is commonly referred to as a “cat-back” exhaust and refers to a performance exhaust system that replaces the factory mufflers and piping rearward of the catalytic converter.  The piping on these systems is typically a larger diameter than that of the stock system and the mufflers on these systems feature a more direct path to increase exhaust flow.  For those looking for a nicer appearance, sound, and a modest performance gain, a cat-back exhaust is a popular and economical choice.  For those looking for the maximum horsepower gains from their vehicle, it will be necessary to upgrade other components of the exhaust.

Beyond the cat-back portion of a vehicle’s exhaust, the rest of the exhaust system is typically comprised of a catalytic converter(s), exhaust manifold(s), and downpipe(s) - on vehicles with forced induction.  Replacing these restrictive components with high-flow aftermarket pieces will allow your vehicle to make the most of its engine.  Popular components for modifications include high-flow catalytic converters, test pipes, headers, manifolds, and down pipes.  Aftermarket products are engineered to feature less bends, less restrictions, and larger piping diameters – the result is more horsepower for your vehicle.  

Nearly every vehicle can see performance gains from an exhaust system upgrade.  Even vehicles with stock engines will see power gains.  Additionally, performance exhausts feature a more aggressive look and sound than the factory components they replace.  For vehicles with modified engines, the performance gain from an exhaust upgrade can be even more drastic.  Feel free to consult us for recommendations, as certain exhaust components yield better gains than others, depending on the application.

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