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Engine modifications are by far the most expansive of any category of aftermarket modifications for your vehicle.  Engine modifications may be performed to address a weakness in the stock engine, to increase reliability, or to simply add power.  The methods available for adding power to your vehicle are as varied as the cost of doing so.

Bolt-on engine modifications are extremely popular.  Bolt-on modifications are usually the first modification done to a vehicle.  This is for a number of reasons:  1) They free up horsepower; 2) They are cost-effective; 3) The modification can usually be reversed back to stock (i.e. non-permanent); and 4) They serve as a foundation to build more extensive modifications upon.  Popular bolt-on modifications include exhausts, headers, intakes, intercoolers, downpipes, and others.  The addition of a programmable ECU and dyno tune can help maximize the power gains from bolt-on modifications.  Those looking for more extravagant power gains may find it necessary to go beyond basic bolt-on modifications.  

Modifications beyond basic bolt-on components usually entail opening up and improving the engine internals.  Cylinder head upgrades include performance camshafts, valves, valve springs, valve retainers, and hardware.  Bottom end upgrades include performance crank shafts, rods, bearings, pistons, and hardware.  Injected Performance offers a full lineup of engine products, machining, and building services.  Please contact an Injected Performance representative to get started on your engine build today.

Owners of naturally aspirated vehicles looking for the ultimate gains may choose to add forced induction to their vehicle.  A variety of turbo kits are available for most vehicles that include all the necessary components to add forced induction to your vehicle.  It may be necessary to upgrade other vehicle components like the clutch and axles depending on the planned power output of the engine.  Also available to those looking for large gains are stroker kits that include all the necessary components to increase the displacement of your engine.  Stroker kits are especially effective at lowering the torque curve of peaky import motors.  Couple a stroker motor with a turbo kit for the ultimate in power gains!  These “kits” are especially attractive upgrades because they contain components designed to fit and work together.   This benefits the purchaser because they are able to avoid the hassle of piecing together components that may not work precisely with one another.  As with all major engine modifications, it will be necessary to upgrade your vehicles ECU to accommodate the changes from stroker and turbo kits.  Fuel, ignition, and cooling upgrades may also be in order depending on the power output planned for your engine.

For those with vehicles that came from the manufacturer with forced induction engines, the logical path to more power is through turbo, manifold, and ECU upgrades.  A number of upgrade kits are available for owners of forced induction vehicles.  These kits typically feature an upgraded turbo, manifold, downpipe, intake and assorted accessories.  Cylinder head and bottom end modifications are another category of upgrades that can be especially beneficial for forced induction engines.  Injected Performance offers a full lineup of parts and engine building services to help you get the most from your engine.  Contact an Injected Performance representative to discuss build options for your engine.

Whatever your goals for your vehicle, we have the parts, services, and knowledge to make them a reality.  Contact us today to get your build underway.

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