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Electronics?  See carburetor.  All joking aside, it must be noted that much of the improvement in automobile performance in the past 20 years has occurred simultaneously and as a result of technological advances in the field of electronics.  The modern automobile is chalked full of electronic gizmos and gadgets.  While it’s easy to despise these items when they malfunction, it’s hard to argue with the fact that they perform worlds better than the mechanical components of the past.  Electronic upgrades and modifications can do wonders for today’s high-performance automobile.  

Probably the most significant electronic component in your vehicle is the engine control unit or ECU.  This device controls important engine parameters like fuel and ignition timing with incredible precision.  Whenever modifications are performed to an engine, it is advantageous to upgrade the ECU to make the most of the new modifications.  Aftermarket ECUs are programmable, allowing them to be custom tuned to make the most power from your unique engine and modifications.  Many of today’s factory ECUs can be reprogrammed to a certain extent, through the use of reflashing tools. Gauges and dash displays have also been improved by electronic innovations.  Today’s gauges and displays do a phenomenal job of keeping drivers accurately informed on the vitals of their modified engines. 

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