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Limited Slip Differentials

Whether your car came with a factory installed LSD or an open differential, there is performance to be gained by upgrading to a quality aftermarket unit.  If you’ve ever noticed your car spinning one wheel and not wanting to accelerate, you know the frustration of an open differential on a performance vehicle.  The solution is a limited slip differential.  A limited slip differential functions as a compromise of sorts.  There are times when we prefer something close to an open differential so that the tires can turn at different speeds through a corner.  Still, there are other times when we prefer a full locking differential such as in the case of an extreme traction imbalance between the drive wheels.  A clutch-type LSD allows us to obtain both of these scenarios from one differential.  When the car is traveling in a straight line and throttle is applied, the differential will lock and allow the greatest possible traction to be applied by the drive wheels.  When the car is off throttle and turned into a corner, the differential will function similar to an open differential and allow the outside wheel to turn faster than the inside wheel as we desire in a corner.  A quality clutch-type LSD will perform this transition seamlessly and consistently.  Viscous LSDs function more effectively at high speeds and less effectively at low speeds.  Because their performance is inconsistent and they are not able to lock 100%, they are not often used in race applications.  Upgrading to a clutch-type LSD can improve your vehicle’s performance in all conditions.  If you have any questions about how you can best optimize your vehicle’s differential please contact an Injected Performance representative to discuss your particular needs.

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