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Clutch Kits

The clutch is one of the most commonly modified drivetrain components in performance vehicles and it is often upgraded along with a lightweight flywheel.   Because it is a wear item, clutches are often replaced with high-performance alternatives when the original clutch wears out.  Another common reason for upgrading a vehicle’s clutch is the addition of horsepower beyond the vehicle’s stock output.  A vehicle’s stock clutch is often unable to handle significant increases in torque and therefore must be replaced with a high-performance alternative whenever significant engine modifications are performed.  

Not all clutches are created equal.  Some clutches, while able to hold more power, may also engage harsher than the vehicle’s civil, stock clutch.  This can be undesirable in a daily driven vehicle.  Other clutches, such as those with an unsprung disc, may chatter and transmit noises that are undesirable in some applications.  For a street vehicle, it is generally best to choose a clutch that can handle your vehicle power output while maintaining as much civility as possible.  For track vehicles, consideration for noise and engagement usually take a back seat to the clutch’s performance.  .  If you require assistance determining the best clutch for your vehicle please contact an Injected Performance representative to discuss your particular needs.

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There are no products matching the selection.


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