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Drive Train

The drivetrain of a vehicle is one of the most commonly overlooked areas for improvement.  The components of the drivetrain are tasked with the important responsibility of delivering the engine’s power to the road surface.  Without a well-sorted drivetrain, engine power is wasted.  Some power is always lost in the drivetrain, but with well chosen modifications, this loss can be kept to a minimum and more of the engine’s power can be applied to the road surface.

Reasons for modifying a vehicle’s drivetrain are varied.  Improvements to a vehicle’s drivetrain can help accommodate increased horsepower, reduce power lost in the drivetrain, increase durability, improve acceleration, and improve traction in street or track conditions.  Improvements can be seen on both lesser and higher horsepower vehicles.  Common areas to modify include the axles, clutch, flywheel, differential, shifter, and their lubricants.

An opportune time to upgrade your drivetrain is when the factory components are either broken, worn out, or incapable of handling the power output or purposes of the vehicle.  High horsepower cars often require a clutch upgrade to handle the additional torque produced by the engine.  Cars subject to high revolutions for extended periods, such as track cars, can usually benefit from high grade lubricants and cooling systems for their driveline parts.  Vehicles of all power levels can benefit from the addition of a quality Limited Slip Differential whether the driver is commuting to work, out for a spirited drive, or trying to set track records.  Putting more of the engine’s power to the ground is always a good thing!

Whether you are seeking to build an enjoyable street car or the ultimate race machine, there is room for improvement in the drivetrain of your vehicle.  If you have any questions about how you can best optimize your vehicle’s drivetrain please contact an Injected Performance representative to discuss your particular needs.

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