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Brake Lines

Unlike brake pads and rotors, brake lines are typically not a consumable item. In other words, these are often only changed for the sole purpose of upgrading. Their benefit is simple and straight forward, if not a bit subdued from what some may expect. In short, upgrading factory rubber brake lines to stainless steel brake lines helps stiffen the feel of the brake pedal when pressed.

Factory rubber brake lines flex when the brakes are applied and fluid flows through them. Especially under extended braking, when the brake fluid becomes much hotter, this flexing can create a vague pedal feel that is often described as "mushy." This can also be a similar feeling as brake fade, which can be scary if unexpected. By reducing the ability for these lines to flex, the brake pedal feels more consistent at all times.

For those looking to maximize the performance of their factory braking system, without resorting to big brake kits, we recommend upgrading to a set of stainless steel brake lines along with your new brake pads and rotors. When replacing brake lines, it is important to completely flush your brake fluid to prevent any air bubbles forming anywhere in the system. Many upgraded brake fluid options are available to increase the heat capacity of the fluid and prevent any boiling under heavy braking.

Many manufacturers offer stainless steel brake lines, but for safety's sake, we recommend name brand options with DOT approval.

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There are no products matching the selection.


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