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Brake Accessories

Many accessories are listed here that can be purchased separately. Brake fluid, replacement seal kits, and other items can be critical components to your overall brake setup. For specific questions regarding any replacement pieces, please contact us directly.

Brake fluid, a regularly scheduled maintenance item with most manufacturers, is a critical component of any braking system. There are many varieties of fluid available, and in most cases, the price does reflect the quality. Generic DOT 3/4 brake fluid is commonly available and suitable for most customers. Premium brake fluid, available with stage kits or sold separately, uses higher heat ranges that are able to withstand boiling far better than original brake fluid.

Before any track day or driving event, we strongly encourage a full flush of your brake fluid with an upgraded brand. Unlike brake pads aimed for track use, there is no downside to running higher quality brake fluid at all times. When comparing brake fluids among each other, the wet and dry boiling points are the critical numbers to look for.

There are no products matching the selection.

There are no products matching the selection.


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